Monday, August 25, 2014

Welcome back, Intensive Artists!

This sketch-blog that will serve as an example for you throughout the Fall 2014 Semester. You must create your personal blog and email me the url to by Friday, September 5th.

The image above is a drawing I created over the summer. On toned paper I used sepia, black and white charcoal pencils to develop the form and volume of the unicorn skull inside of a bell jar. Observe closely and take notice of where I intentionally left visible marks around the outside of the composition and radially emanating from the tip of the horn versus where I blended them away to describe the three dimensional qualities of the objects.

I think the skull is the most successful object in the image. I'm especially happy with the horn and how the texture changes as it connects to the skull.

If I could do this piece again I would change the proportions of the objects in the page. There is not enough negative space around them and the piece looks 'crowded'. I would also make sure the bell jar is entirely symmetrical before reinforcing the lines of it.

This entry is an example of the reflection that I expect from you as you finish and post sketches and finished work from our class. You are my all-stars and I look forward to all the unbelievable work that you will create this school year!